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Aion Bot Cheat

Added on July 13th, 2011 | Under Uncategorized
Looking for aion bot cheats ? With hack bot aion, its work support russian, korean, EU, NA and private server support. When the bot is running do not leave the Aion window, because otherwise he write keys like “w” in the other window then the only way to stop the bot is pressing “F5″. Now, how to use aion bot cheats :

- start aion and log in and go with your char to the point where you want to start farming. then click “Add WP” and put in a file name. the file will be in the same folder like the bot. then go to the next point and click again “Add WP”. you must do this until your the last WP, which should be near the first.
- put in a file name of an existing waypoint file und click “Open WP”
- click the “run bot” button and the bot starts farming

credit unknow661

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