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Aralon Sword And Shadow Level Cheats

Added on December 12th, 2011 | Under iphone
Looking for aralon sword and shadow level cheats for iphone, ipod or ipad ? With hack level aralon sword and shadow, you can get max level, and you can finish quest with easy. Below, step by step how to get hack level aralon sword and shadow iphone :

Start your character and then save just right from autosave, then ssh and go to mobile/applications/ your game/documents and copy “save1_savegame.bin” to dekstop, then open it with hex editor, go alittle down until u’ll see like this, this have to be all 00 after all 00 there would be first 01 that is your lvl or it might be different if you are higher level. First one is level it should be 01 if you started or your level max 50, you can’t be highter. After A24_warrior_armo so when the text stop, count 4 dot and on 5 dot with data inspector change on 50, it’s for SKILL point hack

credit matedgo

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