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Cafe World Bot Hack

Added on December 2nd, 2010 | Under Cafe World

If you play Cafe World, you can use Cafe World Cheat or Cafe World Bot Hack to possible to play more effectively.
This bot can automatically:

  • Cooking Dishes (. Choose 20 seconds Cheese This cheese is prepared very quickly!)
  • Add the ingredients to dishes
  • Serve meals
  • Sell immediately all dishes

Before you must have download tools :

  • Firefox
  • Cafe World Bot [Link]

After downloading you have to do is run the installation. Once properly installed will see the new shortcut on the desktop.

How to use Cafe World Bot :
Run the program by using direct access, a new window (see below), can change program settings, or just press the Start button and the robot starts.

In the configuration page you can do:

a) Changing the URL to use for the game
b) Show the result of selecting or not messages from the tray
c) Show the result of selecting or not the time in the registration area before each cadena
d) Establish bot intervalo
e) show or API function call (useful for developers)

After changing the settings is to click on “Save Settings”, and that will be applied after esto.

Then go to the “Main” tab and press the “Home” page load will comenzar.En authorization page must enter your username and password and click “Connect”.

After consent sucees bot start working, to launch the first robot will do nothing, just get all settins game and we will decide what to do.All plugins based functional robot, so if you want to do something you should especial.use plug-in plugin configuration set to expect “bot interval” time or just go to the main tab and press the “Start” button.
All plugins description you can find on their home pages, the author of the bot.

Another important plugin – “Manager” can be used to select only the plugins you need, also see descriptions of plugins, the authors and their pages.

You can use the manual mode, and play in window bot

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