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MapleStory Cygnus Knights Money Cheats

Added on December 18th, 2011 | Under iphone
Looking for MapleStory Cygnus Knights money cheats for iphone, ipod or ipad ? With hack money maplestory cygnus knights, you can buy equipments and additional accessory items. Not just money cheats, you can use to candies hacks too. Before, you must have hex editor, ifunbox. Now, how to get money maple story cygnus :

Just copy your character saved slot (Cygnus0, 1, 2) onto your computer from your iphone/ipod, then delete your maplestory cygnus edition off your iphone/ipod, go onto udid faker and randomise your udid for maple, install maplestory again on your iphone/ipod via installous, and start a new game, save your new game, then recopy your character saved game back to the maplestory folder via ifunbox. Just open it with open it with editor then copy exactly 00000010h:8-a for money replace your save file. You will get money.


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