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Traffic Rush Cheats

Added on March 31st, 2011 | Under Uncategorized
Are you looking for Traffic Rush cheats or Traffic Rush hacks ? Traffic rush hour features approaching and the traffic intensity is rising in the city. To use hack traffic rush, you must jailbroken idevice, hex workshop and know how to ssh. Now, step by step how to use cheat traffic rush :

1. Via SSH, navigate to “private/var/mobile/Applications/[Your Traffic Rush Folder]/Documents/”
2. Copy the file called “settings.bin” from that folder to your comuter.
3. Open the file you copied to your computer with Hex Workshop
4. Hit [Ctrl] + [F] and change the type to [32 Bit Signed Long]
5. In the Value bar, enter your previous highscore in Traffic Rush (if you downloaded the file I uploaded it would be “1452″)
6. On the right side of the screen, you will see a window inside HexWorkshop. Next to “uint32″ your highscore will appear
7. Select it and write in your desired score. Hit [Ctrl]+[S] to save your file.
8. Copy it back to your device, open up Traffic Rush and congrats with a new highscore.

thx satchboogie

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